Police and Sport Dog Training

Dual and Single Purpose dogs trained to order. We can tailor your dog's training to your department's needs. Contact us for more details. Check the police K-9s for the sale page to see current prospects. QK9C can also assist you with problem-solving, re-training, and certification of your current Police Service Dog.

Crafting Canine Heroes

Police Service Dog Training

QK9C specializes in dual and single-purpose dogs, offering tailored training to meet the specific needs of your department. Whether it’s for police work, detection, or specialized tasks, our programs are customized to suit your requirements. Visit our police K-9s for sale page to explore our current prospects available for deployment.

Additionally, we provide assistance beyond acquisition, supporting departments with problem-solving, re-training, and certification of their existing Police Service Dogs. Our team ensures that your K-9 unit operates at its optimal level, meeting the standards of excellence required in law enforcement. Contact us to discuss how QK9C can enhance your department’s capabilities with expertly trained and adaptable canine partners.

Elevate Performance with Precision

Sport Dog Training and Coaching Sport

At our training center, we specialize in preparing dogs for protection dog sports, boasting trainers with extensive experience and successful accomplishments in various disciplines. Our team has not only completed but also titled dogs in prestigious events such as French Ring, PSA, IPO/IGP, and WDA (Working Dogs of America).

Additionally, we excel in preparing dogs for activities beyond protection sports, including dock diving and fastcat competitions. Our trainers’ expertise and proven track record ensure that your canine companion receives top-notch coaching tailored to each specific discipline, allowing them to thrive and succeed in the competitive world of dog sports.

We offer Training and Coaching for protection dog sports. Our trainers have completed and titled dogs in French Ring, PSA, IPO/IGP and WDA (Working Dogs of America), Dock diving and fastcat.