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Puppy Training Packages

Our puppy programs lay the groundwork for essential obedience training focusing on boundaries (no jumping up), commands like heel, sit, down, place and learning how to walk on a loose leash. Whether you choose Private Lessons or one of our Board and Train packages your puppy will start off on the best path! Beginning at our facility, we swiftly transition to public environments, ensuring your puppy becomes accustomed to various settings. Socialization and exposure are key components, facilitating your puppy’s adaptation to diverse environments. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge needed to raise a well-behaved puppy, minimizing future issues. Remember, puppy training serves as the foundation for a lifetime of positive behavior and companionship.

   Puppy Private Lessons:

  • At Facility: $595
  • In home: $695

    Puppy Board and Train:

  • 2-week Basics Course: $2000
  • 4-week Course: 1500 at drop off and 1500 at pick up, total investment $3000 

Adult Training Packages

In our comprehensive training programs, we prioritize leash obedience both on and off-leash, emphasizing essential skills such as place work, off-leash recall, and comprehensive coverage of livability, control, and environmental neutrality. Recognizing that many behavioral issues stem from confusion and a lack of clarity regarding desired behaviors, we focus on teaching dogs’ impulse control, self-capping drive, and effective communication skills. These fundamentals are essential for long-term success and enable dogs to navigate various situations confidently. By offering both basic and advanced courses, we ensure that owners and their canine companions receive tailored instruction to meet their specific needs and goals, fostering a harmonious relationship and fulfilling companionship for years to come.

Private Lessons:


  • At Facility: 595
  • In Home: $695


  • At Facility: $695
  • In Home: $795

Board and Train Packages:


  • 2-week: $1800
  • 4-week: $1500 at drop off, $1500 at pick up, total investment $3000


  • 4-week: $1950 at drop off, $1750 at pick up. Package includes 400.00MSRP collar from E- collar technologies. 
Our board and train program is a comprehensive package that allows you to drop your dog off with us for 30-45 days of training. During training your dog will learn to sit, down, stay and place on command. Your dog will also learn to come when called and have basic manners on a leash. We use a variety of positive motivational methods to train your dog. Once basic skills are mastered we will continue with advanced off-leash skills. When your dog is ready we will finish up working on environmental and public behavior. Your trainer will keep you up to date on your dog's' progress while in our care. Adult packages are for dogs 7 months and older. Read full descriptions of each package in the store.

Behavior Modification/Aggression Rehabilitation

Aggression is a significant concern in many households, often rooted in communication breakdowns between dogs and their owners. When dogs are unsure about expectations or how to respond to situations, they may resort to instinctual behaviors such as resource guarding, object obsession, protectiveness, and possessiveness, potentially leading to safety issues. It’s crucial to acknowledge that any dog with a history of aggression or biting incidents should never be off leash in public settings. The safety of others must always take precedence, and owners must always maintain positive control over their dogs. Rehabilitation efforts should never lead to complacency, as dogs are living beings capable of independent thought. Owners must actively manage their dogs and manipulate their environment to set them up for success, ensuring a safe and harmonious relationship with the community. E-collar included in each package (400.00MSRP value). 

 3-Week Behavior Modification $4300

 5-Week Behavior Modification $5700