Detection Dogs

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Detection dog teams for hire

Our comprehensive services include certified explosives, firearms, and narcotics detection dog teams for hire, each proficient in their specialized areas. These teams are available to serve a diverse range of sectors, such as commercial warehouses, ports of entry, drug rehabilitation facilities, construction sites, music festivals, concerts, and private residences.

One of our key advantages is offering flexible contracts, accommodating both short and long-term needs. We understand the importance of tailored security solutions, which is why hiring our expert teams is often a more cost-effective approach compared to establishing and maintaining in-house teams.

Our goal is to enhance your security posture by providing highly trained and certified canine teams, ensuring a proactive and efficient approach to maintaining safety and compliance in various environments. With our services, you can trust in the expertise and effectiveness of our specialized detection dog teams to meet your security requirements without the hassle of managing your own security teams.

Detection Dogs

Green Dogs

We specialize in providing fully vetted and carefully selected green dogs, all of which have successfully passed rigorous TSA/DOD style selection tests. These dogs are primed and ready for training by your agency to meet your specific needs and objectives.

For pricing and further details on acquiring these highly qualified dogs, please contact us directly. Whether your agency requires canines for detection, security, or specialized tasks, our pre-selected green dogs offer a solid foundation for your training programs, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your agency’s operations.

Puppy Training

Detection Dogs

Trained Dogs

We specialize in providing fully vetted and pre-selected trained dogs proficient in odor recognition for explosives/firearms or narcotics. Each dog in our selection has undergone comprehensive training, enabling them to effectively detect and “Alert” the presence of odors associated with these substances.

Our trained dogs are skilled in providing a passive alert or following an odor trail to its source, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in detection tasks. For pricing and further information on acquiring these expertly trained dogs, please get in touch with us. These canines are ready to enhance security protocols or support investigative efforts in various environments, offering reliable and proficient odor detection services.

Detection Dogs

Trained Teams

We provide a comprehensive program offering fully trained dogs and specialized handler training. Our six-week training course is designed to equip handlers with expertise in all aspects of detection dog handling, ensuring proficiency in various detection techniques and methodologies.

Throughout the course, each team undergoes rigorous training and testing to assess their skills and capabilities. This ensures that upon graduation, the teams are well-prepared and qualified to perform effectively in their roles.

For pricing details and further information about enrolling in our training program, please contact us directly. Our goal is to empower handlers with the necessary skills and knowledge to work seamlessly with their canine partners in detection tasks across diverse environments.

We offer fully trained dogs and handler training. All teams will go through a 6-week training course. The course will cover all areas of Detection dog handling. Each team will test before graduation. Call for pricing.