Board and Train

Our board and train program is a comprehensive package that allows you to drop your dog off with us for 30-45 days of training. During training your dog will learn to sit, down, stay and place on command. Your dog will also learn to come when called and have basic manners on a leash. We use a variety of positive motivational methods to train your dog. Once basic skills are mastered we will continue with advanced off-leash skills. When your dog is ready we will finish up working on environmental and public behavior. Your trainer will keep you up to date on your dog's' progress while in our care. Adult packages are for dogs 7 months and older. Read full descriptions of each package in the store.

Package #1

Adult Board and Train Packages

Enroll your dog in our comprehensive Board and Train program, offering a 30 to 45-day immersive training experience. Throughout this period, your dog will master fundamental commands such as sit, down, stay, and place, alongside crucial skills like recall and leash manners.

Our training methodology relies on a diverse range of positive motivational techniques, ensuring an enjoyable and effective learning process for your canine companion. As your dog progresses, we transition to advanced off-leash skills, followed by honing environmental and public behavior.

Rest assured, your trainer will provide regular updates on your dog’s progress throughout their stay with us. Our Adult packages cater to dogs aged 7 months and older. For a detailed breakdown of each package, explore the full descriptions available in our store


Puppy Board and Train

Give your puppy a head start with our specialized training program tailored to their needs. Our program focuses on teaching fundamental skills essential for their development, including crate training, acclimatizing to vehicles, leash and door manners, house etiquette, discouraging jumping, and laying the foundations of basic obedience.

Beyond these basics, our program encompasses crucial aspects like environmental adaptation, fostering confidence, and facilitating healthy puppy socialization. Approved for ages 16 weeks to 7 months, this program provides a comprehensive approach to ensure your puppy’s holistic growth. For an in-depth overview, explore the full package description available in our store.

Your puppy will learn fundamental skills such as crate training, riding in a vehicle, leash & door manners, house manners, no jumping, foundations of basic obedience and how to appropriately interact with other dogs. In this program we also do environmental work, confidence building, and puppy socialization. Ages approved for this program: 16 weeks - 7 months of age. Read full package description in the store.
Our new Two Week board and Train will concentrate on task specific issues such as house manners, crate training, leash pulling, recall, dog reactivity and more.

Package #3

2- Week Manners Board and Train

Our new Two Week board and Train will concentrate on task specific issues such as house manners, crate training, leash pulling, recall, dog reactivity and more.


How Long is the Training?

Board and train programs range from four to six-weeks depending on your needs. We now offer a two week Board and Train as well.