Behavior Modification

This package is tailored to the individual client and challenges they are facing with their dog. We start with candid discussion over your concerns and how we can best assist. With your input, we will devise a plan to resolve the unwanted behavior if possible. The most common problems we correct are fear biting, dog aggression, food aggression and separation anxiety. We offer training a number of different ways. We offer Private lessons for the less severe cases, two-week board and train and a 4-week board and train for the more severe cases.

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Behavior Modification

Our customized package is designed to address the unique challenges you’re experiencing with your dog. Our process begins with an open discussion about your concerns, allowing us to gain insight into your needs. Together, we’ll outline a tailored plan to address and, if feasible, resolve the undesired behaviors based on your input.

We specialize in correcting a range of common issues such as fear biting, dog aggression, food aggression, and separation anxiety. Our training options cater to different needs: Private lessons suit milder cases, while our two-week and four-week board and train programs are ideal for more severe challenges. Regardless of the approach, our goal is to provide effective solutions tailored to your dog’s specific behavior.

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