About Us



In December of 2003, Matt Hammond recognized a distinct need for high caliber working dogs within the southeastern region. Drawing upon his extensive military training and experience with dogs, Hammond took the initiative to establish Quality K-9 Concepts (QK9C) to address this specific demand.

With a vision to provide top-quality working dogs, Hammond’s venture aimed to fill the gap he identified in the market. Leveraging his expertise and insights gained from military dog training, QK9C was founded as a dedicated endeavor to deliver exceptional canine services and meet the growing need for well-trained working dogs in the southeastern United States.


QK9C has been pivotal in training dogs for numerous police agencies across the southeastern United States, extending its expertise to support private security firms operating in the Middle East. The hallmark of QK9C’s approach lies in its professional handling of each client and the customized training regimen tailored to every dog, ensuring the delivery of high-quality canine services at competitive prices.

Matt Hammond’s journey in dog training commenced in 1993 with his role as a decoy in a local police department in Junction City, OR. His commitment to training escalated as he ventured into the Army, contributing to the training and support of Military Working Dogs. In November 1996, Hammond graduated at the top of his class from the Department of Defense Military Working Dog School at Lackland Air Force Base, exhibiting exceptional proficiency as a handler.

Building on his expertise, Hammond sought training from esteemed European professionals, integrating this knowledge into the Military Working Dog Program. His illustrious career as a military handler encompassed securing high-profile figures such as heads of state and the President of the United States. Notably, Hammond was among 43 elite handlers chosen to represent the Military at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Later, he was deployed to Afghanistan, Jordan, and Kuwait, further showcasing his skills and dedication in complex and demanding environments.